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Useful Software - codecs, audio tools, region free tools, media players and more...

What is a Codec?

Codec is short for compressor/decompressor, it is any technology for compressing and decompressing data. Codecs can be implemented in software, hardware, or a combination of both. Codecs are used to make large video files much smaller making them suitable for distribution on the net, either on the web or a LAN or any other method of file transfer like wireless devices etc.
Some times when you are trying to play an .avi file the "Unexpected File Format" or a similar error message displays.This happen if you are attempting to play a file for which the proper codec is not on your system. To correct the problem obtain the correct codec.

DivX™ codecs - vids:div5, vids:div4 and vids:div3

DivX™ Video codecs:
codec for Windows
DivX codec
DivX Play Bundle codec
DivX Create Bundle codec
DivX 6 codec for Mac
DivX 6 codec for Linux

DivX™ Video 4 and 3 codecs:
DivX 4 codec for Windows
DivX 3.1 alpha codec for Windows
DivX 3.22 b codec for Windows
DivX 4 codec for Windows
DivX 4 codec for Mac
DivX 4 codec for Linux
DivX 4 codec for BeOS

Vorbis OGG

OGG Acm Code - enables OGG support in all Windows players

LAME MP3 encoder

LAME MP3 ACM Codec - MP3 codec in Windows is extremely limited in its range of bitrates and settings.я LAME is an open source MP3 encoder and this ACM codec version allows you to use much higher MP3 bitrates for the audio in your DivX video.

Panasonic VFW DV codec

Panasonic VFW DV codec - This handy little codec allows you to open DV-AVI files with VirtualDub. Very useful!

DivX AntiFreeze 0.4

DivX AntiFreeze 0.4

Sometimes DivX video clips contain invalid frames that cause Media Player to freeze the image. Theoretically codec should recover from the problem, but it doesn't. So image is freezed permanently until clip position is manually changed (by moving position slider). DivX AntiFreeze tries to avoid such freezings.

Nimo Codec Pack

Nimo Codec Pack
Currently Nimo Codec Pack Build 9 BETA1, Nimo Codec Pack Build 8 and Nimo Codec Pack Build 7 are available.

K-Lite Codec Pack

K-Lite Codec Pack

The K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of codecs and related tools. The very user-friendly installation is fully customizable, which means that you can install only those components that you want.

K-Lite Codec Pack 4.1.7

Mega version - 17.4 Mb
Full version - 13.5 Mb
Standard version - 6.8 Mb
Corporate version - 9.9 Mb

Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP)

the CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is a DirectShow filter pack. Read a basic introduction on our FAQ page.

Combined Community Codec Pack (2008-01-24)

XviD MPEG 4 Codec

XviD MPEG 4 Codec 1.1.0
XviD MPEG 4 Codec 1.0.2

Refer to developers site for the last versions and additional information.

Angelpotion Codec - vids:mp4, vids:mp42, mpeg4v3 and vids:mp43

Angelpotion Codec for Windows v 1-702

The Angelpotion video codec is an advanced mpeg4 decompressor. It allows the viewing and encoding of high and low motion Divx avi files, SmR-nAVI(mpeg4v3) avi files, Microsoft mpeg4(mp4, mp42, and mp43) avi and asf files, and Angelpotion definitive mpeg4 avi files.

Sorenson Codec - vids:svq1

Sorenson Codec (Apple site)
Sorenson Codec (developers site)

Sorenson Codec - Windows* or Mac, sometimes referred to as vids:svq1 allows the playback and encoding of .mov and .qt video from Apples QuickTime version 3x and up technology. The newer technology that Sorenson and Apple are putting into the software is high quality and very effective for use on the web. Sorenson playback and basic encoding is included in the QuickTime installer.

ATI VCRx Codec - vids:vcr1, vids:vcr2, YUV, YVU9, YVU12, YU422 decompressor

VCRx Codec

This codec used by ATI video capture cards to compress into avi format. Avi movies captured with an ATI video card will not play on a non-ATI system without installing this codec. Codecs Included: ATI Packed YUV Data, ATI YVU9 Planar (Indeo Raw), ATI YVU12 (MPEG Raw).

WINNOV video codec

Windows 95/98 WINNOV decompressor
Windows NT/2000 The WINNOV decompressor

This codec will play video captured with Winnov Videum capture cards.

X263 Codec - vids:X263 decompressor

Windows X263 Codec

This decompressor is used by certain cams to compress avi video.

VP3 Codec

VP3 Codec

VP3 Codec - Plug-In for Quicktime and RealMeda. On2 Technologies.

VP4, VP5, VP6 Codecs

VP4 Codec

VP4, VP5, VP6 Codecs - Video compression technology achieving full-screen, full-field, broadcast quality video at significantly lower data rates than other compression technologies. On2 Technologies.

ASV1 decompressor

ASV1 Video Codec

This codec is used by Asus video capture cards.

WIN TV Codec

WIN TV Codec

WIN TV decompressor contains decompressors used by certain Hauppage WIN TV video capture cards.

M-JPEG Codec - vids:mjpg Motion JPEG decompressor

M-JPEG Codec

Windows* - Motion JPEG decompressors. M-JPEG is used by Pinnacale Miro video capturing cards.

PICVideo Motion JPEG Codec

PICVideo Motion JPEG Codec

PICVideo Motion JPEG Codec - Image compression for developers including Wavelet, JPEG and lossless compression.

iview321 Codec

iview321 Codec

Iview321 decompressor.

Intel Indeo i263 decompressor - vids:i263

Windows 95/98 i263 Codec
Windows NT/2000 i263 Codec

I263 is an older codec and most people have abandoned its use although the video quality is quite nice.

Intel Indeo IR21 decompressor

Windows 95/98 IR21 Codec

This is an older Indeo codec that a few users might need.

nAVI video codec - vids:nAVI, MP4, MP42, MP43 decompressors

Windows Mpeg4 Codec

Mpeg4 Codec - Windows* - Contains the MP4, MP42, and MP43 decompressors. This decmpressor is neccessary to play *.avi files from #shadowrealm on the EFnet irc network and the alt.binaries.movies.shadowrealm newsgroup. If mpeg4 video not run on your system, delete mpg4c32.dll and in C:\windows\system\ directory and reinstall the mpeg4 codec.

Intel Indeo IR3*, IV4*, and IV5* codecs

Windows Indeo Video Codecs
Mac OS Indeo Video Codecs

Quicktime 4 or higher is required to use the Indeo drivers. Recently the Ligos Corporation took over Indeo video development from Intel Architecture Labs. They have updated Indeo Video to Indeo Video 5.11 and will continue to develop the technology in the future. Please visit the Ligos Corporations website for more information and support.

Cinepak Codec - vids:cvid

Windows Cinepak Codec

Cinepak Codec - Windows* or Mac - Older codec, no longer used widely. Contains the cvid decompressor. Included in the QuickTime for Mac or Windows installer.


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